Who We Are

Welcome to the Social Studies Group; allow us a moment to tell you a little about who we really are (nerds with panache) and why you will want to get to know us. Hint: It’s not just because we can help you peek into your core consumers’ brains.

First, a little about our pedigree: The Social Studies Group is a social media research company that sprang from the well-established Scherer Cybrarian, LLC, a traditional research company that has been carrying out primary and secondary research, as well as providing strategic marketing and business consulting services, for over a decade-and-half. A-hum. Sounds heavy, yes? OK. So we do some very serious work. And have been involved with brand names that you would recognize in your kitchen cabinets, on television, etc.

While we’re proud of the connections we have made and work we’ve done, what drives us isn’t the desire to rub shoulders with celebrity brands. (Though let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy standing at the edge of the limelight.) Honestly, and we do mean honestly, what drives us is our curiosity.

But here comes the nerd part – we love it. We love digging into complex topics and being experts on a very broad and quickly growing range of subjects, from consumer foods to niche health topics and conditions.

Aside from an extensive background in research, our senior team has more than five decades combined experience in marketing, branding and strategy, which means, we understand the context in which you need to use the consumer research we gather and process. It means, what we produce you can make the difference between a successful and mediocre product launch, campaign, business strategy, …

Working with us will provide you with unique, and very valuable, consumer and industry insights. We guarantee it.

Meet Wendy, Managing Partner

Meet Megan, Director/Client Service

Meet Andrew and the Traditional Research Team.

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