Managing Partner

Wendy Scherer

Wendy Goldman Scherer
Analyst. Strategist. Managing Partner.

Wendy knew from her years as a partner with Bozell Worldwide that there was a great need for knowledge synthesis and business research that was more than a mere information dump. To address the market need for finding and digesting complex business research, she founded Scherer Cybrarian in 1995. The business grew and expanded over the years to include primary research, GIS, news aggregation and monitoring, and much more. But what she loved the most was the emerging world of social media research. (Don’t laugh. Everyone should love their work as much as Wendy does!) As this segment grew, it became apparent that this specialty could stand on its own to grow and change with the times. And so, The Social Studies Group was born in 2009.

We all know that social media monitoring, research and analysis have integral roles in the strategy and implementation process for many agencies and brands. The tools have become extremely sophisticated and the specialty is in a constant state of change and, trust me, Wendy keeps up. She leads the strategy team and has been working with clients for many years now on social media monitoring and analysis and, best of all, netnography (virtual ethnography) and linguistics studies.

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