About SSG

The Social Studies Group is a creative research firm sprung from traditional primary and secondary research roots, who has gracefully stayed step ahead in imagining new ways to use technology, business intelligence and a little je ne sai quoi to provide insightful input to our clients. At our heart, we are a social media research firm that specializes in complex social media monitoring and analysis, issue and industry trend identification, and netnography. And at our core, we are seasoned business people with vast experience in traditional and non-traditional research methodologies.

You want answers to burning questions to help solve your business and marketing challenges. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions; we strive to find the smartest, most creative and effective Social Media Research techniques to be of service to our clients.

Our Name

A number of people have asked us over the years: why “Social Studies?”

Sure, it’s a play on words, After all, we are a company that specializes in using “social” media content to conduct in-depth studies, research, and analysis of audiences and individuals.

You may think of social studies as a subject you took in junior high, but it’s not just class after lunch. It’s a way of viewing our world, exploring and uncovering insights in the immense number of human interactions online to reveal preferences, cultural relevance, trends, patterns and context.

And don’t minimize the challenge of separation the real conversations from the bot and the marketer conversations.