Who We Are

Welcome to the Social Studies Group; we’re so glad you came by.

We’ve been in the research business since 1995 and have been doing social media research since the very beginning – on usenet, bulletin boards, and GEnie, AOL, CompuServe groups, and the like. We’re proud to have created and maintained monitoring systems back in the day before social media monitoring tools.

While we are firmly planted in the social research space, we continue to have traditional research capabilities (primary and secondary research) and are often retained for data-driven strategic marketing and business consulting services. We have been involved with brand names that you have in your kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, medicine cabinets, magazine racks, and on your cell phones. We also work with retailers, financial institutions, and some intense business to business brands that you’ve never heard of (but that are really awesome).

We’re proud of the connections we have made and work we’ve done, but what drives us is not the desire to rub shoulders with celebrity brands. (Though we don’t mind a bit.) What truly drives us is our curiosity. We love digging into complex topics on a growing range of subjects, from consumer foods to niche health topics and conditions.

Aside from an extensive background in research, our team has decades of combined experience in marketing, branding, and public relations strategy, which means we understand the context in which you need to use the consumer research we gather and process. You’ll get creative, unique, and very valuable consumer and industry insights for marketing and business strategies, product and service development, new business opportunities, and more. It’s what we do and what we do extremely well.

Meet Wendy Goldman Scherer, Managing Partner.