Our traditional research team has well-rounded management and researchers. Our partners offer well over 60 years of combined business and research experience and possess an interesting combination of experience covering virtually all industries.

We pride ourselves on our strategic business skills which, we strongly believe, make us more attuned to responding to your knowledge needs with useful, actionable results.

Traditional Research Management Team

andrew.jpgNameAndrew Scherer
Position Partner and Head Chef
Years on the Team – Since Day 2
Expert In Everything – just ask me (Follow me on Twitter if you want to see for yourself.)
Bonus Skills Corporate finance, motorcycles, cooking, and keeping the Boss happy
Favorite Website for Fun
When I’m not working I’m – I’m riding, reading, hiking, playing, and cooking. (Not necessarily in that order.)

CraigName - Craig Honick
Position sometimes vertical. sometimes horizontal. occasionally in between. Okay, seriously. Partner, Primary Research. Fine, there you have it.
Years on the Team – 7
Expert In market research. organizational research. variety of social science research methods. contemporary research and analysis technologies.
Bonus Skills I’m a man of a thousand voices.
Favorite Website for Fun fun?
When I’m not working I’m – trying to find out if it’s true that 42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

Name – Averil Carroll
Position Senior Research Analyst
Years on the Team – 8 years (how time flies!)
Expert In Market Research & Analysis, Healthcare Providers, Payers & Technology
Bonus Skills Project Management, Regulatory Compliance
Favorite Website for Fun (They have everything!)
When I’m not working I’m – Spending time with my husband and two children, reading, or cooking

Name Jennifer Carney
Position A little bit of this and a little bit of that, but Wendy calls me the Social Media Queen
Years on the Team – 5 years and going strong!
Expert In Market Research, Market Analysis, Retail Industry, Spa/Health Industry, Copywriting, the Red Sox (had to throw that in)
Bonus Skills Music journalist, sometime cook and full-time information sponge
Favorite Website for Fun Mog, Neatorama and The Onion’s AV Club
When I’m not working I’m – …reading, listening to music, playing wiffleball (no, seriously!), sharing bad jokes and good conversation with friends and family.