Looking for complex social media monitoring? Need unbiased help for a DIY solution (and maybe even assistance getting started?) We’re tool agnostic (though we have our favorites) and we sure know our stuff.

We know that no two research projects are created alike. Sometimes you know exactly what you need to know. Other times, you just need to know where to start. That’s why all our reports and services are customized. They vary from basic overviews to specific categorical research to full netnographic studies. We know that you don’t always need to know everything, but you do need to know the right things.

Social Media Monitoring & Analysis

We don’t own or sell a social media monitoring tool. There are plenty of them to go around. We’ve seen ‘em all. (Well, probably not ALL, but a vast number of them.)

Here at Social Studies Group, we are uniquely positioned to help you select the tool that will work best for you, should you want to do your own monitoring. And we can help you set it up, learn it, live it. You see, as much as the tool providers want you to believe it’s plug and play, it’s not. Not even close. How you establish your monitoring can make an enormous difference in the amount of spam and cleaning you’ll need to contend with and most of all, whether you’re bringing in the right data. Is it broad enough? Specific enough?

It’s an art. And we fancy ourselves as artists.

Of course, we’d love to talk to you about doing your monitoring and/or reporting for you. We have advanced capabilities in categorization/sub-categorization, detailed analytics, and, well, you get the picture. We’ve done this before. A lot. And you can ask any number of wonderful tool vendors about us; we sure know how to push a system to its limits. And we’re proud of that. Very.

We’d love to talk to you about your monitoring needs. We’ll even give you a little free advice if you want it.

Netnography Research

What is netnography? It’s the study of individuals, communities, and cultures. Online. It’s also one of the best ways to gain insight into your audience’s thoughts and perspectives on a subject, brand, or issue.

For truly effective marketing, a holistic awareness of your audience, their relationships, and communications dynamic is essential.  There are a number of interconnected elements that contribute to how individuals make decisions and form opinions.

The Social Studies Netnography Research Report is a customized research study that uses a collaborative feedback model and an evolving 5-step research process (question development, research, evaluation, confirmation, conclusion) that engages you in a dialogue-based process and seeks to identify the most complete possible answers to complex business questions.

In the development of a Netnographic Research Report, we ground our efforts in your identified primary business challenge, and then outline a series of questions that, if answered, can lead to the effective resolution of this larger challenge.

With specific questions identified, we conduct wide-ranging research across all social media that takes into account the hyper-contextual nature of communities, conversations, and opinion making in social media. We present this initial research for evaluation, and, based upon client feedback, engage in a second research phase to confirm and elaborate on the initial research. Finally, in the conclusion, we tie the research back into your overall business challenges, identified at the initiation of the project.

Traditional Research 

Our traditional research department offers a range of services including primary and secondary research, News Tracking, Investment Banking Research, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), analysis and strategic consulting. Our people come from the worlds of finance, research, business development, advertising and PR, but they all share one thing: passion.

It takes time to get a project right. And we know that time isn’t something you have a lot of, especially in today’s demanding world. So leave your information needs to the experts (that would be us!). We can do it better and faster. We know where to start and what to look for, and that saves you time and money. Something we know you (and your clients) can appreciate.

When existing sources won’t provide what you need, we can design and implement research studies, large or small; to garner the critical knowledge you want. Our team experience covers virtually all categories of business and has first-hand knowledge of strategic planning, advertising, public relations and other marketing disciplines, ultimately saving you time and energy explaining the “why’s” of what you need. We’ve been on “your” side of the table.

 Social Media Consulting & Strategy 

We’re marketers at heart and boy, oh boy, are we immersed in social media. Our analytical approach to problem solving and strategic planning – coupled with serious project management skills – ideally positions us to help our clients audit, plan, implement and continuously improve their social media efforts.