• 31Oct

    Moms. A look back to 2004.

    2004. Ancient history, right? For giggles, I decided to dig back into the archives to uncover some mom research that my team worked on 10 years ago. Here are some excerpts. Any of this sound familiar? Don’t take mom for granted. She didn’t like it when you were a kid, and she definitely does not […]

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  • 28Oct

    It’s all about that base, ’bout that base.

    If you’ve ever heard me speak about social media research (or any research, for that matter), you’ve heard me drone on about the importance of having clean data to analyze. Why, you ask? Because you cannot get clean, smart insights from dirty data. You need a good base of data to start. Otherwise, you’ll be analyzing […]

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  • 26Oct

    Word-of-Mouth Finds New Life on the Internet – Tell your friends!

    So, I wrote this in 2004. Yes, folks, 10 years ago. I could not stop giggling and had to share. Do you remember that old Breck shampoo commercial? The one where Heather Locklear urged everyone to tell two friends about how great the product is and then those two friends would tell two friends and […]

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  • 26Jun

    I’m ready for my closeup.

    Yesterday, Shelly Kramer had me on her show, V3Live, as a guest to talk about social media monitoring on a shoestring budget. Well, this is one of my favorite subjects. If you follow Social Studies Group’s work at all, you know that we are big fans of paid monitoring tools and see true value from […]

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  • 04Apr

    Spin Sucks, the book.

    I read for business. I mean, I read a lot for business. Like you, I have an incredible need to stay up on (dare I say stay ahead of) what’s going on in the digital world. I consider myself pretty darn knowledgeable. And yet, I learn something new every day. I received an advance copy […]

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  • 21Dec

    Case Study – Ethnic Food Products

    We love a good challenge. This one? To find new and interesting insights in the conversation surrounding our client’s ethnic food products. We scoured social media and did some really interesting competitive research. But most of all, we uncovered a new target market of rabid fans. So exciting. Want to read more? Download the case […]

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  • 21Aug

    Pharma Case Study – Creative Social Research

    We’re always looking for new ways to use social media monitoring data to help our clients and be smarter. We set about to identify the true online discussions taking place around a genetic disorder and the client’s drug to help inform strategies and to gain intelligence on the upcoming competitive market. In the meantime, we […]

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  • 31Jul

    Consumer Electronics

    What is more fun than a big social media monitoring challenge? Nothing, I say! So when the Social Studies Group was hired to figure out consumer preferences for a consumer electronics product’s user interface features, we got creative. We used Brandwatch for some fancy footwork and they published a case study about it today. I’d […]

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  • 10Jul

    Purse Strings Radio

    Yesterday, Shelly Kramer and I were featured on Purse Strings Radio, a wonderful program focused on marketing to women. We had the chance to talk to host, Maria Reitan, about our recent Mom Blogger/Influencer study. We talked about how bloggers spend their time online versus where their traffic comes from, up and coming platforms, SEO […]

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  • 08May

    Competitive Intelligence on a Startup Budget

    While those of us in the research community would love for everyone to have generous budgets for competitive intelligence and knowledge gathering, it’s just not realistic. For start-ups and even for small to medium-sized companies, the knowledge needs are huge and the budgets? Not so huge. Maybe, even, non-existent. I had the pleasure of guest […]

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