• 26Jun

    I’m ready for my closeup.

    Yesterday, Shelly Kramer had me on her show, V3Live, as a guest to talk about social media monitoring on a shoestring budget. Well, this is one of my favorite subjects. If you follow Social Studies Group’s work at all, you know that we are big fans of paid monitoring tools and see true value from […]

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  • 04Apr

    Spin Sucks, the book.

    I read for business. I mean, I read a lot for business. Like you, I have an incredible need to stay up on (dare I say stay ahead of) what’s going on in the digital world. I consider myself pretty darn knowledgeable. And yet, I learn something new every day. I received an advance copy […]

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  • 21Dec

    Case Study – Ethnic Food Products

    We love a good challenge. This one? To find new and interesting insights in the conversation surrounding our client’s ethnic food products. We scoured social media and did some really interesting competitive research. But most of all, we uncovered a new target market of rabid fans. So exciting. Want to read more? Download the case […]

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  • 21Aug

    Pharma Case Study – Creative Social Research

    We’re always looking for new ways to use social media monitoring data to help our clients and be smarter. We set about to identify the true online discussions taking place around a genetic disorder and the client’s drug to help inform strategies and to gain intelligence on the upcoming competitive market. In the meantime, we […]

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  • 31Jul

    Consumer Electronics

    What is more fun than a big social media monitoring challenge? Nothing, I say! So when the Social Studies Group was hired to figure out consumer preferences for a consumer electronics product’s user interface features, we got creative. We used Brandwatch for some fancy footwork and they published a case study about it today. I’d […]

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  • 10Jul

    Purse Strings Radio

    Yesterday, Shelly Kramer and I were featured on Purse Strings Radio, a wonderful program focused on marketing to women. We had the chance to talk to host, Maria Reitan, about our recent Mom Blogger/Influencer study. We talked about how bloggers spend their time online versus where their traffic comes from, up and coming platforms, SEO […]

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  • 08May

    Competitive Intelligence on a Startup Budget

    While those of us in the research community would love for everyone to have generous budgets for competitive intelligence and knowledge gathering, it’s just not realistic. For start-ups and even for small to medium-sized companies, the knowledge needs are huge and the budgets? Not so huge. Maybe, even, non-existent. I had the pleasure of guest […]

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  • 11Feb

    Women in Communities

    In order to put women in communities in perspective, I was honored to present some geeky stuff at BlissDom! You can see my slides here but know that I had some pithy things to say about them. Really I did! (If you don’t believe me….well, just do, okay? Have I ever lied to you before?) […]

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  • 05Feb

    Blogger Outreach – Thinking Beyond the Blog

    If you’re a brand or agency engaged in the business of working with parent and mom bloggers (or influencers, brand advocates–whatever you’re calling them these days) for best results you should really think beyond the blog. What? Courting bloggers and not turning a laser focus on their blogs, their traffic, their subscribers, the other places they hang out online and the like? Those are as critical a component of success when it comes to social outreach yet in our experience these are areas often overlooked by agencies and brands when it comes to outreach campaigns.

    The Digital Lives of American Moms

    Let’s back up for just a minute and talk about the power of mom and parent bloggers. According to The Digital Lives of American Moms, Nielsen 2012, one in three bloggers are moms and some 27.9 million American moms visited Facebook in the month of March, 2012 (which was a whopping 72% of moms who went online from home computers in the United States). 5.4 million of them used Twitter during that same time period and some 165 million are blogging using either WordPress, Tumblr or Blogger. That’s a whole lot of purchasing power–and connecting with those influential moms is an objective for brands and agencies alike.

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  • 06Dec

    Ever Heard of Monk Fruit? If Not, You Will Soon!

    Trend watching fascinates me. I don’t know about you, but I could explore the Trendwatching, PSFK and Springwise sites all day long. (Don’t judge me!) Read the post at Social Media Monthly. (I love that magazine! Do you get it?)

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