Spin Sucks, the book.

I read for business. I mean, I read a lot for business. Like you, I have an incredible need to stay up on (dare I say stay ahead of) what’s going on in the digital world. I consider myself pretty darn knowledgeable. And yet, I learn something new every day. I received an advance copy […]

Pharma Case Study – Creative Social Research

We’re always looking for new ways to use social media monitoring data to help our clients and be smarter. We set about to identify the true online discussions taking place around a genetic disorder and the client’s drug to help inform strategies and to gain intelligence on the upcoming competitive market. In the meantime, we […]

Consumer Electronics

What is more fun than a big social media monitoring challenge? Nothing, I say! So when the Social Studies Group was hired to figure out consumer preferences for a consumer electronics product’s user interface features, we got creative. We used Brandwatch for some fancy footwork and they published a case study about it today. I’d […]

Competitive Intelligence on a Startup Budget

While those of us in the research community would love for everyone to have generous budgets for competitive intelligence and knowledge gathering, it’s just not realistic. For start-ups and even for small to medium-sized companies, the knowledge needs are huge and the budgets? Not so huge. Maybe, even, non-existent. I had the pleasure of guest […]