Just call me Teach.

Now that the website is all fresh and pretty, I have some catching up to do to let you know what’s been going on. What I’m most excited to share is that I’ve had a few amazing teaching opportunities lately. One such highlight was popping in via Skype to talk to a graduate communications seminar […]

Reach Moms Through Storytelling And Podcasts

Volume by Month

Originally published at MediaPost; written by Holly Pavlika – research & contribution by Wendy Scherer. [charts from Social Studies research inserted in this post.] If social media is powered by storytelling and great stories are what lead people to sharing, then no wonder podcasts are growing in popularity. I’m listening to Serial, a very popular podcast, […]

Relationship building… it’s a process.

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Just popping in with a brief post about Influencer relationships. If you were on a first date with a guy, would you ask him to watch your brother’s kids tomorrow night? If you were sitting next to a someone interesting at a bar, instead of “Can I buy you a drink and get to know […]

Moms. A look back to 2004.

2004. Ancient history, right? For giggles, I decided to dig back into the archives to uncover some mom research that my team worked on 10 years ago. Here are some excerpts. Any of this sound familiar? Don’t take mom for granted. She didn’t like it when you were a kid, and she definitely does not […]