Mom blogger survey still in progress!

If you haven’t heard, Shelly Kramer and I are conducting a survey.

It’s a short, eight question survey for parent bloggers and it will feed our latest research project. If you haven’t taken it yet, would you? It’d be a huge favor and pop over and take it? The survey is here. We promise to share the results once the study is done!

Oh, and as an added bonus, if you complete the survey and are interested in participating, there are drawings for prizes that include baubles, books and fabulosity.

The first 2 winners (Jenny & Erica) have been randomly selected and notified. Jane, tell them what they’ve won!

There are 3 more prizes. And they’re fab, too.

We know you’d do the survey just to be awesome, but a little incentive is nice too. N’est pas?

Here’s another link to the survey. Just so you don’t need to scroll up. I’m nice that way.