This is Baxter.

If you know me, you know I’m not a dog person.

And yet, my friends’ dog – Baxter – has crept up into the “okay, I can stand to have you around” category. That’s big.

Bax is a Vizsla, evidently. Many of you may have heard of that breed. I had not. Truthfully, I forget it all the time and had to look it up to do the research for this post. I knew it started with V.

Evidently, I live in a hotbed of Vizsla social media. Who knew?

In the past month, there were over 1,200 Vizsla mentions on Twitter.

And this is what the topline conversation is about:

You may ask, “What is the point of this post?”

Search me. I was just thinking about Baxter when I was going through my holiday photos and wondered if anyone else had a dog like him. Seems the answer is yes.