Still riding your old bike?

I was so excited when I saw this bike in an ‘antique’ shop. I had this bike in red. It was a great bike. Reliable and sturdy. But over the years, I’ve gotten other bikes with more bells and whistles. Are they better? Well, it depends. What are your objectives? Your goals? Your market situation? […]


As I’m headed to NYC in the morning, no surprise I felt the need to do a quick data search. First stop for me is Times Square, where NBC and Go Healthy New York will celebrate Cabot Day, sponsored by Cabot Cheese (my awesome client!) and they’ll try to break the Guinness World Record for […]

Do Women Bloggers Want to Work with Your Brand?

Marketers must be aware of blogger expectations to foster good relationships

Blog community provider BlogFrog surveyed female bloggers in the US to discover what kinds of partnerships with brands were more desirable and how women bloggers thought brand relationships should work. About three-quarters of those surveyed were moms; eMarketer estimates 4 million mothers in the US will write a blog at least monthly this year.

What Women Bloggers Want from Brands

We were pleased to work with BlogFrog to survey 2000 women & mom bloggers to learn about their work with brands. Key Findings Include: ➢ Compensation matters. 90% are interested in working with brands, so long as there is some form of compensation. ➢ Social good matters. Campaigns that include an element of social good […]

Stink bugs.

If you don’t know what stinkbugs are, you may very well live somewhere where there are no pushpins. Sadly, I live near the largest pushpin. And boy, oh boy, do we have stink bugs. It’s my nature to want more information. (Big surprise, right?) So, I ran a social media monitor of the past month […]