News Release: New Report Revisits “Green Moms”

Posted: 9.1.2010

Columbia, MD., Sept. 1 – Today, the Social Studies Group is releasing “Eco-Moms Revisited”, a companion report to a study the research firm released in January of this year.

“Over the past year, we’ve collected a rich body of research on these arguable very influential women,” said Social Studies Group analyst and partner, Angela Walseng. “Understanding these mothers, we believe, provides interesting insights into how the green movement is affecting mainstream parenting trends.”

Among the topics covered in the report: eco-moms’ motivations, both the initiating causes as well as the sustaining factors for pursuing a greener lifestyle; education levels and how a more subtle form of activism is occurring in the form of lifestyle choices among the online community of eco-moms.

“One particularly interesting finding in the report relates to what we’re calling the “Green Moment”, a singular – though individual – experience that set half of the women in our survey on their green paths,” said Walseng. “This is particularly interesting considering recent research that indicates that knowledge of green issues isn’t enough trigger a greener lifestyle. The personal, emotional experience is key.”

While the first report used an observational netnography approach, this second report involved surveying 150 of the moms observed during the first report’s research phase.

To download the reports, both “Eco-Moms Revisited”; and its predecessor: “The Green Mom Eco-cosm: A Social Study into their Motivations, Convictions and Influences”; go to

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